Women’s villege: Jinwar

On autonomous spaces, the connection os struggles and women’s revolution in Rojava We came to Rojava as women and feminist internationalists, eager to learn from the Kurdish Women’s Movement, to live and to work with our Kurdish friends and comrades and to be part of the revolutionary process of building up and defending vivid alternatives […]

Autonomy for Shengal

Two weeks of youth work in the Ezidi territory in Iraq “You can’t go for Shengal just for two of three days”, says Heval Rezan. “It takes weeks to get some understanding of the society there. If you want to go, stay a little longer.” Fine, we thought, we’ll stay a little longer then. So […]

Commemorating July 19: sailing in the rivers of the history of revolutionary movements.

Today, July 19, it’s been five years since the autonomy of Rojava was declared. The revolutionary process that has been developed and expended since then brings worthy learnings for the whole world, and we want to commemorate this date from the  internationalist commune of Rojava. When we study the reality surrounding us, it is important […]

Martyrs Soro, Demhat and Rodi

In the name of the Internationalist Commune of Rojava, we would like pay tribute and respect for our three foreign friends who recently did the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom. Heval Demhat Goldman, real name Robert Grodt,  Californie, USA Heval Soro Zinar,real name Luke Rutter, UK Heval Rodie Deysie, real name Nicholas Warden, Géorgie, USA […]

Being part of the revolution

About the work of internationalists in the civil institutions of Rojava The revolution of all kinds of relationships existing in society has been going on in Rojava for 6 Years now, but is far from being completed – if such a thing as completion is even possible. It is on the contrary at it‘s very […]