Help us constructing a wind turbine in Rojava

We, the Internationalist Commune of Rojava, call on our supporters around the world to help us with our next step in the work of building an ecological society. Most of the grid electricity in Rojava comes from the hydroelectric dams in the west, with about a quarter from the natural gas flared during oil production. […]

“How to live, what to do, where to start?” by Abdullah Öcalan

19 years ago, on February 15 1999, the international plot organized by several intelligence services of different nation-states captured Abdullah Ocalan. Today we want to remember him and the important tasks and thoughts he put in practice, creating the Kurdish Liberation Movement and developing the ideas that today are leading the Rojava Revolution “How to […]

Make Rojava Green Again! Support the ecological revolution in Northern Syria

In the last months, we are building the Internationalist Academy of Rojava and we are organizing a tree cooperative. We had been organizing a campaign for share this works and ask for your support, and we are glad to announce the start of our first official campaign: We just created a page for upload all […]

Everywhere is Afrin, everywhere is resistance – stop Turkish fascism! [Statement from the Internationalist Commune]

For 13 days, the fascist Turkish Army and jihadist militias have bombarded, attacked and occupied the Afrin region in Rojava, northern Syria. As people who followed their conscience and came to Rojava to participate in the revolution, as internationalists and part of a society in northern Syria in the midst of revolutionary struggle, we are […]

Turkish War Planes are Bombing Archeological Sites In Efrin. Statement from the jineloji Academy

Thousands of Years Old Remains of Women’s Culture Destroyed On the 20th January 2018, the Turkish state waged a total war over the autonomous region of Efrin, part of the democratic confederation of Northern Syria. More than one week later, the attacks on the population continue. Turkish airstrikes have killed over 80 civilians – many […]

Statement from the Internationalist Commune of Rojava – Defending the Revolution Means Defending Afrin

After months of work on a new project, and a week after the beginning of the Turkish invasion of Afrin, we as the Internationalist Commune of Rojava would like to share our situation with this public statement. Defending the Revolution Means Defending Afrin As internationals in Rojava, we came to learn about, support, and help […]

Democratic confederalism: From capitalist modernity to democratic modernity

It’s common to hear internationalist groups and collectives talk about democratic confederalism referred to as the ideological paradigm of the Kurdish Liberation Movement. Despite the fact that this concept has been useful to understand the ideological evolution of the movement, it remains somewhat incomplete, and it may be more appropriate to talk about Democratic Modernity. […]

A kurdish response to The climate change

Conversations with the Kurdish Liberation Movement on ecological society and democratic confederalism. For 4000 years since the breakdown of the Akkadian Empire in Mesopotamia, almost every major societal collapse has featured five trends: spiralling migration, state collapse, food shortages, epidemic disease and climate change.[1] What makes the present era distinct is that whilst previous collapses […]