100 years after October Revolution

October 2017 marks the hundredth anniversary of the October Revolution. One hundred years have passed since the revolutionary masses of Petrograd, calling for “All Power to the Soviets”, raised their weapons against the exploiters and collaborators. With the call for “Bread! Peace! Freedom!”, the October Revolution established its place in world history as the starting […]

Histories of Internationalism – number 1: The ‘Young Communist International’

“A true and solid foundation for the new International can only be formed by the socialist youth. The youth, the bearers of the future; the youth, who are not dependent on the past, who expect everything from the future … the youth, whose hearts are not corrupted with petit-bourgeois feelings and whose thoughts cannot be […]

Jerusalem, the capital of humanity

Mustafa Karasu (founding member of the PKK) commented on Jerusalem, the question of Palestine and the role of the hegemonial States in the Yeni Özgür Politika. We translated the text into English in order to make it accessible to a wide audience Since the recognition of Jerusalem as the capital city of the Israeli State […]

Reflections about Internationalism in Rojava

By Anne-Sophie Mariposa Translated from the German version in Kurdistan Report Before traveling to Rojava, I had much conversations with friends and comrades about how to make it possible to learn from this revolution without just taking advantage of it or putting it to meaning derived from my socialization at the heart of Capitalism. We […]

A new form of international solidarity

Thoughts about democratic autonomy vs. nation state, by Duran Kalkan, member of the executive council of KCK in an interview with Kurdistan Report How can we understand democratic autonomy or democratic confederalism? Is it a system that is regionally specific and therefore only able to address the Kurdish population? I can explain the democratic autonomy […]

The Kurdish Freedom-Movement is the forefront of Democratic Socialism

by Duran Kalkan, Member of the Council of the KCK Translated from the German version in Kurdistan Report Undoubtedly, the success of a revolution depends on how strong its theory and practice is working in an regional, national and international frame. No revolution can be separated from the region and international struggles, and be successful […]

Challenging privilege: on solidarity and self-reflection

Solidarity is not a one-way charity undertaking by privileged activists, but a multidimensional process that contributes to the emancipation of everyone involved. A german man is not impressed with the grassroots democracy project in Rojava because he has seen something similar decades ago in Latin America. A French woman reproaches Kurdish women for a lack […]

The development of the Kurdish liberation struggle and the global democracy movement

The solidarity within the fight against the ISIS fascism and the activities at the “World Kobane Day” at 1st November show effects. It became clear that a global democratic movement with a clear way, is able to fight any kind of fascist barbarity. Duran Kalkan In the last years the Kurdish liberation movement has become […]