November 1st: International call for #WorldKobaneDay

Kobanê has become a symbol of resistance for the world. The liberation of Kobanê was the prelude to the end of the self-proclaimed Islamic state, which has not stopped losing ground ever since. Yesterday 17 of october, 3 years after the resistance that changed the course of the war in Syria and in the middle […]

Delegation from Italy: We are in Rojava because we want revolution

A large delegation of comrades from the InfoAut collective hailing from various Italian cities has arrived since a few days in Rojava and in Maxmur: Raqqa, October 2017.  In the ISIS’ Syrian capital the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) are victoriously struggling for freeing the city, thus marking a decisive step in the six-years war. Meanwhile […]

Catalunya is not alone! Solidarity from the Internationalist Commune of Rojava

The voice of the catalan people reclaiming independence sounds all around the world From the internationalist commune of Rojava (west Kurdistan) we want to show our support with the peoples of Catalunya: All the peoples should be able to decide their own future. The desire of freedom of Catalunya, heritage of centuries of history, shows […]

International day against Femicide: Agust 3

Free Yazidi Women’s Movement (TAJÊ) calls for the commemoration of Daesh’s Feminicide in Shengal in 2014. From the Internationalist Commune of Rojava, we join this international action day against the Feminicide, and we invite you all to participate.   Contact info: Facebook: Ezidi Jin Mail: Free Yazidi Women’s Movement (TAJÊ)

Wir werden siegen!

Solidarität mit dem Widerstand gegen die Räumung der Friedel 54 in Berlin. Die „Umgestaltung von Städten entlang von Klassenlinien“ ist ein globales Phänomen, schreibt der US-amerikanische Sozialist David Harvey. Der Kampf gegen diese Umgestaltung, so argumentiert er, sei jederzeit ein antikapitalistischer Kampf. Das Recht auf Stadt, so Harvey, sei dabei „weit mehr als die individuelle […]