Jerusalem, the capital of humanity

Mustafa Karasu (founding member of the PKK) commented on Jerusalem, the question of Palestine and the role of the hegemonial States in the Yeni Özgür Politika. We translated the text into English in order to make it accessible to a wide audience Since the recognition of Jerusalem as the capital city of the Israeli State […]

A short analysis of the economical and political situation in the Middle East

By analyzing and understanding the current political, social, and economic situation in the Middle East, we can better understand the crisis of capitalist modernity. This can give us perspective to build up alternative solutions to the many problems oppressed people face today. The Middle East, particularly the Mesopotamian region between the Euphrates and Tigris rivers […]

“We need a revolutionary movement able to overcome all kind of oppression”

Interview with the Internationalist Commune of Rojava What is the Internationalist Commune of Rojava? The Internationalist Commune of Rojava (ICR) gathers the internationalists in Rojava and is a base for international revolutionaries working in the civil structures of Northern Syria. Since the beginning of the revolution in 2012, the philosophy the revolution is based on […]

Avakirina Komîn, video of our works building the internationalist academy

After months working, the internationalist academy is still under construction, but we hope it will be ready soon. Now we release a video for share how this process is taking place. There are two versions, one for social networks, with some information and a call for visit our website:   And another version, with a […]

Langer Marsch nach Qamişlo

„Wir sind hier um zu zeigen, dass wir ein Teil der Revolution sind“, sagt Şilan, während sie den Kofferraum des Lautsprecherwagens öffnet, um weitere Fahnen herauszuholen. Şilan ist eine von einigen hundert Jugendlichen, die an diesem sonnigen aber kühlen Donnerstagnachmittag auf der Hauptstraße von Derik/Al-Malikiya Richtung Qamişlo marschieren. So wie auch in vielen anderen Teilen […]

Why Jineolojî? Re-Constructing the Sciences towards a Communal and Free Life

Gönül Kaya is a journalist and representative of the Kurdish women’s movement. This article is the transcript of her speech at the Jineolojî Conference in March 2014 in Cologne, Germany. Why Jineolojî? Re-Constructing the Sciences towards a Communal and Free Life The Free Women’s Movement of Kurdistan evaluates jineolojî as an important step in its […]

Feminist pacifism or passive-ism?

The next article of Dilar Dirik was published in OpenDemocracy the  7 of march of 2017 Tomorrow is International Women’s Day. In the face of increasing femicide, sexual violence and rape culture, we need to confront the question of women’s self-defence.  When some white women celebrate the non-violence of women’s marches against Trump and then […]