People of Rojava reject the attacks of Turkish Army in Afrin [Gallery of demonstration in Amude and report about the Olive Branch operation]

In the Democratic Federation of Northern Syria, civilians came out to protest the invasion carried out by the Turkish army in the Canton of Afrin. In the city of Amude, Cizire Canton,15,000 people gathered to condemn the attacks. On January 20th the Turkish state initiated its invasion of the Afrin Canton in the north of […]

Gallery: August in Derik, cooperatives and march to the Newroz refugee camp in solidarity with ezidî people

August 3 of 2017 was the day that daesh attacked Sengal. For that reason, in 2017 the Free Yazidi Women’s Movement (TAJÊ) released an call for the international day against the genocide. Answering this call, the youth movement of Rojava organized a march for August 3 that started in Derik. Some members of the Internationalist […]

Avakirina Komîn, video of our works building the internationalist academy

After months working, the internationalist academy is still under construction, but we hope it will be ready soon. Now we release a video for share how this process is taking place. There are two versions, one for social networks, with some information and a call for visit our website:   And another version, with a […]