“I hear a difference in their shouts”: marching on Başur with the Kurdish youth

After two days on the road with the Kurdish Youth Movement, our feet are sore and our throats hoarse. In the end, a thousand-strong torrent of youth were beaten back by the gun-butts of the Iraqi Kurdish peshmerga as they attempted to cross the Tigris river border and join a “human shield” defending the Qandil […]

Rojava to Bașur: Internationalist Commune to march on border with Kurdish youth

A previous march from Derik to a Yezidi refugee camp in January 2018 Members of the Internationalist Commune are marching from Rojava to Bașur (South Kurdistan) alongside the Kurdish Youth Union, protesting Turkey’s violent invasion of the Qandil mountains and the craven complicity of Masoud Barzani and the puppet state of Iraqi Kurdistan. We will […]

What has happened in Afrin? A guide to understand the Middle East puzzle

Afrin has become the scene of the latest episode of the bloody war in Syria. After two months of intense resistance, the SDF [Syrian Democratic Forces, a multiethnic militia led by the Kurdish YPJ/YPG] have withdrawn from the city that gives its name to the Afrin Canton so as to ensure that civilians have an […]

Reflections about man, masculinity and patriarchal society

Notes for a historic-subjective analysis on the construction and the evolution of the ‘man’ identity in the patriarchal society The cultural construction of gender has been developed in different ways throughout history, and although all societies have gender cultural registries, not all of them have the concept of masculinity. A culture which does not treat […]

Turkish War Planes are Bombing Archeological Sites In Efrin. Statement from the jineloji Academy

Thousands of Years Old Remains of Women’s Culture Destroyed On the 20th January 2018, the Turkish state waged a total war over the autonomous region of Efrin, part of the democratic confederation of Northern Syria. More than one week later, the attacks on the population continue. Turkish airstrikes have killed over 80 civilians – many […]

People of Rojava reject the attacks of Turkish Army in Afrin [Gallery of demonstration in Amude and report about the Olive Branch operation]

In the Democratic Federation of Northern Syria, civilians came out to protest the invasion carried out by the Turkish army in the Canton of Afrin. In the city of Amude, Cizire Canton,15,000 people gathered to condemn the attacks. On January 20th the Turkish state initiated its invasion of the Afrin Canton in the north of […]

Democratic confederalism: From capitalist modernity to democratic modernity

It’s common to hear internationalist groups and collectives talk about democratic confederalism referred to as the ideological paradigm of the Kurdish Liberation Movement. Despite the fact that this concept has been useful to understand the ideological evolution of the movement, it remains somewhat incomplete, and it may be more appropriate to talk about Democratic Modernity. […]