Gallery and statement from YPG-international in the funeral of Şehid Baran Galicia

His comrades and people of Rojava paid their respects to Ş. Baran Galicia [ENG] Our struggle against the fascism and terrorism of the Turkish state, ISIS and the al-Qaeda gangs goes on. It will continue until we defeat the invaders and achieve victory. If our enemies look at the number of our martyrs and think […]

One week in Afrin, one week of resistance 27/02/18 – Defend Afrin, Resistance Diaries #07

27/02 The telephone wakes us up, our friends of the convoy are warning us that the busses are leaving. We were expecting to stay one more week in Afrin, but it seems that the convoy’s plan was to make a one week trip. We were making plans for two more days, but we can not […]

Local resistance, international fighters. 26/02/18 – Defend Afrin, Resistance Diaries #06

26/02 Demonstation in Mabeta and last goodbye to Sehid Baran One of the aims of the civil convoy in which we came to Afrin, is to give strength and hope to the people and cities who are suffering the attacks from the turkish army. Mabeta is a city where the bombing had been intensified in […]

Voices from the streets of Afrin 24/02/18 – Defend Afrin, Resistance Diaries #04

24/02 In the morning we join a big demonstration organized together with the people in Afrin. This is a very important part of the resistance, bringing the people together and showing determination to resist. We interview different women from different ages involved in the campaign ‘women rise up for Afrin’. After the demonstration, we talk […]

Besides the bombs, the resistance team arrive in Afrin 23/02/18 – Defend Afrin, Resistance Diaries #03

23/02 The convoy was attacked by the turkish army and we had to split in different groups looking for shelter. During the night some people was able to reach a car and go to the city of Afrin, especially the groups with injured people. Other groups stayed with families in the villages, waiting for the […]

From Kobane to Afrin under the bombs of Tukish army 22/02/18 – Defend Afrin, Resistance Diaries #02

22/02 We passed the night with a family of Kobane. They shared everything with us. Early in the morning we continued our way to Afrin and some people from Kobane also join the convoy, we were almost 50 buses. We crossed the check point of the syrian regimen after several hours. In the night, when […]