YPJ fighter anounced Raqqa liberation [Gallery]

In October 19, it was announced the liberation of Raqqa city, ex capital of the Islamic State (IS, Daesh), Syria. The official statement was made by YPJ spokeswoman Nisrin Abdullah at Al-Naim Square, where Daesh carried out mass executions in the aim to spread terror to both Syria and worldwide. Nisrin Abdullah stated: “On this […]

Gallery: 5th anniversary of the Revolution in Kobanê

On 19 July, the fifth anniversary of the Rojava Revolution was commemorated. In Kobane the celebration had an special emotion. The festivities were organized for the 18 and 19 July, among which were concerts and traditional dances, a pin-pon tournament, an art exhibition, a food contest, a tribute to the şehîds, march of torches and […]