A kurdish response to The climate change

Conversations with the Kurdish Liberation Movement on ecological society and democratic confederalism. For 4000 years since the breakdown of the Akkadian Empire in Mesopotamia, almost every major societal collapse has featured five trends: spiralling migration, state collapse, food shortages, epidemic disease and climate change.[1] What makes the present era distinct is that whilst previous collapses […]

The great battle for Raqqa’s liberation has its name written with golden letters into the history books

In 1917, the October Revolution in Russia took place. Today, one hundred years later in October 2017, the happy news of the liberation of the capital of the Islamic State has spread all over the world. As one hundred years ago the Soviet Revolution saw hope for freedom rise on the horizon, today also the […]

Cenga mezin a rizgarkirina bajarê Reqa navê xwe bi tîpên zêrîn di pelên dîrokê de nivîsand

Di sala 1917’an de şoreşa mezin a Cotmehê li Rusya pêkhat, îro jî sed sal şûnve di cotmeha sala 2017’an de mizginiya rizgarkirina peytexta DAÎŞ’ê li hemu cîhanê belav bûye. Çawa ku berê sed sal bi şoreşa soviet re hêviya azadiyê di asoyê de bilind dibû, îro jî serkeftina pêngava cenga mezin a rizgarkirina bajarê […]

Jerusalem, the capital of humanity

Mustafa Karasu (founding member of the PKK) commented on Jerusalem, the question of Palestine and the role of the hegemonial States in the Yeni Özgür Politika. We translated the text into English in order to make it accessible to a wide audience Since the recognition of Jerusalem as the capital city of the Israeli State […]

Rojava’s economics and the future of the revolution

The next text of Salvador Zana was published on Kurdish Question on 1 July 2017: Rojava’s economy has been much discussed. Rojava has been lauded by leftists all around the world to be some kind of communal, confederal socialist utopia unparalleled by anything else existing around the world right now, so the question of how […]

Feminist pacifism or passive-ism?

The next article of Dilar Dirik was published in OpenDemocracy the  7 of march of 2017 Tomorrow is International Women’s Day. In the face of increasing femicide, sexual violence and rape culture, we need to confront the question of women’s self-defence.  When some white women celebrate the non-violence of women’s marches against Trump and then […]

Kurdish Women’s Radical Self-Defense: Armed and Political

This article of Dilar Dirik was published in TeleSur the 7 july 2015 The Kurdish women’s resistance operates without hierarchy and domination and is part of larger, societal transformation and liberation. The world’s powerful institutions operate through the state-structure, which has the ultimate monopoly on decision-making, economy, and the use of force. At the same […]

Self-government and Land Redistribution

The follow column,“Özyönetim ve toprak dağıtılması,” was written by Metin Yeğin for Özgür Gündem and published on 29 october of 2015. The translation in english was done by Rojava Report . According to a recent news piece I read the Kobanê Agricultural Council has decided to redistribute more than 10.000 hectares to poor farmers. With […]

Reflections about Internationalism in Rojava

By Anne-Sophie Mariposa Translated from the German version in Kurdistan Report Before traveling to Rojava, I had much conversations with friends and comrades about how to make it possible to learn from this revolution without just taking advantage of it or putting it to meaning derived from my socialization at the heart of Capitalism. We […]

A new form of international solidarity

Thoughts about democratic autonomy vs. nation state, by Duran Kalkan, member of the executive council of KCK in an interview with Kurdistan Report How can we understand democratic autonomy or democratic confederalism? Is it a system that is regionally specific and therefore only able to address the Kurdish population? I can explain the democratic autonomy […]