2nd International Working Brigades announced (May-June 2022)

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The Network for International Friendship has announced the second delegation of Internationalist Working Brigades coming to Rojava.

“Dear Friends,

the registration for the first international Working Brigades is now closed. You can register for the second Brigades that will make their way to Rojava from the 12th May until the 5th June 2022! Simply write us at [email protected], we are looking forward to hear from you.

The registration will be open until the 10.03.2022.”

You can also check their call: “Join us, become a volunteer! Together we will defend Rojava, work collectively and build communal life!”

The program includes ideological education, seminars, discussions, a tour through important places of the Rojava revolution and cooperative work.

Everyone interested in getting to know the principles of the revolution and participating in the common work can take part.