Pîroz be Newroz! Happy Newroz! – Greeting message from the Internationalist Commune

This Newroz we want to thank all the international solidarity with the revolution in Northern Syria and the Afrin resistance, especially all the people working for organize actions and movilizations in solidarity with the #WorldAfrinDay. All the demonstrations and initiatives to defend Afrin are very important, not only for raising awareness all around the world, […]

‘Dear Hêlîn, or Anna, because I know you liked your both names’ – Letter to revolutionary Sehid Hêlîn Qaraçox

  Dear Hêlîn, or Anna -because I know you liked your both names-, you were like the sun. You radiated light and heat, you gave life to all those people who crossed your path, that’s why all people who knew you loved you, they admired you. I admired you, Hêlîn, for your strong and loving […]

Gallery and statement from YPG-international in the funeral of Şehid Baran Galicia

His comrades and people of Rojava paid their respects to Ş. Baran Galicia [ENG] Our struggle against the fascism and terrorism of the Turkish state, ISIS and the al-Qaeda gangs goes on. It will continue until we defeat the invaders and achieve victory. If our enemies look at the number of our martyrs and think […]

Global call for a #WorldAfrinDay on 24.03.2018 – Let’s Show to the world that Afrin is not alone!

  Here we will put the statement in the different languages that the people send to us. If your language is not here here, please send us the translation! Statements in: english, spanish, german, french, italian, portuguese, polish, catalan, finnish    

Déclaration pour la Journée des droits des femmes du 8 mars par les Femmes de la Commune Internationaliste – Défendre Afrin, c’est défendre la Révolution des Femmes !

Défendre Afrin, c’est défendre la Révolution des Femmes ! Du groupe de femmes autonomes de la Commune Internationaliste ue Rojava, nous voulons envoyer notre solidarité, nos forces et notre affection à toutes les femmes et féministes du monde en ce jour important pour la lutte de toutes les femmes. Le monde bouge, opère, se développe […]

Reflections about man, masculinity and patriarchal society

Notes for a historic-subjective analysis on the construction and the evolution of the ‘man’ identity in the patriarchal society The cultural construction of gender has been developed in different ways throughout history, and although all societies have gender cultural registries, not all of them have the concept of masculinity. A culture which does not treat […]

Reflexiones sobre el hombre, la masculinidad y la sociedad patriarcal

Apuntes para un análisis histórico-subjetivo de la construcción y la evolución de la identidad ‘hombre’ en la sociedad patriarcal La construcción cultural del género se ha desarrollado de diferentes formas a lo largo de la historia, y aunque todas las sociedades cuentan con registros culturales de género, no todas tienen el concepto masculinidad. Una cultura […]

One week in Afrin, one week of resistance 27/02/18 – Defend Afrin, Resistance Diaries #07

27/02 The telephone wakes us up, our friends of the convoy are warning us that the busses are leaving. We were expecting to stay one more week in Afrin, but it seems that the convoy’s plan was to make a one week trip. We were making plans for two more days, but we can not […]