Rojava to Lesvos – solidarity with the #Moria35

We, the Internationalist Commune of Rojava, stand in solidarity with the #Moria35 political prisoners. These refugees were subjected to police brutality, found guilty on false charges, and are currently imprisoned in direct contravention of a court order. Their only “crime” was to engage in a peaceful demonstration outside the European Asylum Support Office on the […]

Gallery of the Funeral of Şehid Delil Emerica and statement from YPG

    Statement from YPG: The Rojava revolution is one of the greatest revolutions rarely encountered in the history that mankind has found in the common stake and built with its own power and labor. The Rojava revolution which is the revolution existing with the democratic, moral and political structure, is the revolution of those […]

When our homes became front-line. Diaries of an internationalist in the Afrin resistance.

In December 2017 I had the chance to be one of the few internationalists to be sent to Afrin to works in society, a society that has been under embargo for more than 6 years, surrounded by the reactionary Syrian Arab Army, the fascist Turkish Armed Forces and a wide constellation of islamists factions. When […]

Nos portes seront toujours ouvertes pour ceux qui se battent pour la liberte – From Rojava to la ZAD in NDDL

[French, english below] Depuis plus de deux semaines la résistance de la ZAD de Notre-Dame des Landes a fait face a de brutales attaques perpétrées par les force de police de l’état Français. La libération de ces terres à commencée en 2010 pour s’opposer a la construction de l’aéroport, mais ce point de départ est […]

Dai nostri monti alla Siria del Nord, sempre partigiani! – From our mountains to Northern Syria, always partizans!

[Italian, english below] Dai nostri monti alla Siria del Nord, sempre partigiani! Settantatre anni fa l’Italia veniva liberata dall’oppressione nazi-fascista. I partigiani erano la parte di quella generazione che decise di combattere il fascismo e di lottare per una società più umana, libera e giusta. Un’impresa difficile per cui tanti hanno sacrificato la vita. tantissimi […]

Call for actions on 1st of may! Revolutionary greetings from the Internationalist Commune of Rojava

Dear friends and comrades, We are facing a critical situation. The ruling powers openly declared war to the Rojava Revolution, Afrin is right now under turkish fascist occupation. At the same time the autonomous area La ZAD in Notre Dame des Landes gets harshly attacked, under attemps of occupation by a police army. Repression and […]