Gallery: co-operatives and Ezidî solidarity march

August 3 of 2017 was the day that daesh attacked Sengal. For that reason, in 2017 the Free Yazidi Women’s Movement (TAJÊ) released an call for the international day against the genocide.

Answering this call, the youth movement of Rojava organized a march for August 3 that started in Derik. Some members of the Internationalist Commune went to that march, and now we publish this galleries.

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Derik is close to the border with Irak and also close to the border with Turkey. the war against daesh never reached the city, and the proximity with the borders made Derik a really important city for trade and smuggling. On the road to Derik, we can see a lot of oil fields. Most of them are not working, just the ones that are needed for suply the needs of the people in the Northern Syria Federation are extracting oil. We can also see a lot of houses people started to build but now are not used (at least, not used by humans)

Before to go to the city, we visited the agriculture cooperative of the women youth movement. They are having some problems since turkey made the wall, destroying the water supplies they were using. But nowadays, they made they own water spring.

We took a walk around Derik before to go to the march, it was nice to see so many cooperatives 🙂

The people gathered in a square before to start the march to the Newroz refugee camp, outside Derik.

We reached the Newroz refugee camp, and the ezidi people (specially the kids of the camp) were really happy to see so many people there.



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