Long March of the Revolutionary Youth of Rojava

We were at the Long March for the freedom of Abdullah Öcalan, which gathered the Revolutionary Youth Movement from all of Rojava.

For 3 days, the march went trough different cities, starting from Qamishlo, and finishing in Semalka (border with Iraqi Kurdistan). During the evening there were also cultural activities and we spent the night at families’ houses that welcomed us.


When the march reached the Semalka border, there were clashes with the KDP Peshmerga forces, to whom the youth also demanded the delivery of the bodies of the guerrillas ambushed in August.

Since the 5th of October, there have been protests everyday at the border, organized by the families of the martyrs and with the participation of organizations from different parts of Rojava.

As the Revolutionary Youth advanced to the border, the Peshmerga fired warning shots, and several protesters got injured by stones thrown by the guards.


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