Message from the Ka’apor people to the Revolution in Kurdistan

Message of international solidarity from the leadership of the Ka’apor Administration Council, Itahu Ka’apor, on behalf of this indigenous ethnic group in Brazil with the popular Kurdish struggle for free self-administration and determination of the peoples:

Message from the Ka’apor people to the Revolution in Kurdistan from Internationalist Commune

The current government of Jair Bolsonaro is avowedly against human rights in Brazil and promotes a strong wave of violence against indigenous peoples by committing around 300 ethnic groups and 180 languages. “These ethnic groups are the key to the environmental regeneration of the earth, as they are endowed with an ancient world view that is essential for the survival and coexistence of all species of the planet with finite resources.” Confederal Commission of the CGT.

The internationalist solidarity with the struggle of the Kurdish people reinforces that the point is the survival of the entire planetary community.

The Ka’apor appeared about 300 years ago in the Amazon region between the Tocantins and Xingu rivers. After the conflicts with the Portuguese-Brazilian settlers, they migrated to Maranhão, where they live under a strong pressure from loggers and farmers in the region. They are known for creating protected areas within the boundaries of the territory, where indigenous self-defense guards prevent deforestation and invasion.

To learn more about the Ka’apor people and struggle:’apor

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