Movie about the political situation of Kurdistan-Rojava: The defence of Humanity


This is a compilation of different published material about the Kurdish question and the Revolution in Rojava. It shows the terror from Turkish State against the Kurdish and Syrian society and shows in general the history of the women’s movement and the workers party Kurdistan. But it´s not only about “the Kurd’s”, its the question in general how a society can free itself from oppressive mechanisms and the state. How is a society able to go their own way with their own ways and self-government. This movie gives a general overview and tries to explain at which point the war – against Rojava – is standing now. It is also a call to the international Community (institutions, groups, individuals, for everyone) to understand, to take this topic serious, see the own connections and to see that what is going on here and do something against the destruction.

The Movie is mostly in german language with english subtitels.

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