Newsletter #02

With the end of this year 2017, a lot of meetings and discussion of evaluation are happening. We are working a lot and we don’t have time to share everything that’s going on, so we decided to make a video about what we are doing here. But is not ready yet, we expect to publish it soon.

Our works keep ongoing, mostly focused in education for new internationalists that are joining the commune, but also for the members that are in the commune since the beginning. We are also visiting families and different organizations working in Rojava, entangling the social community bounds of Rojava with the internationalists solidarity networks.

We are also starting our ecology works, and we are going to launch soon a campaign for introduce our project ‘Make Rojava Green Again’. We are already planting some trees and making a vegetable garden around the internationalist academy. You will be able to see more about that once we publish the video we are doing.

We are starting to publish with more regularity in our website. Among other things, we published a short analysis of the economical and political situation in the Middle East, a research about the young comunist international, an article about 100 years of the october revolution, etc. We also started to public nice galleries about different things we do and see in Rojava, like the pictures of the building process of our academy, a gallery about the ezidi youth congress in Shengal, another one from Derik and the Newroz refugee camp outside the city, and another one about a demonstration organized by the women youth movement in Dirbesiye.

We are thinking about how to make this newsletter more interesting. For this we need your feedback, know what you want to know about the commune and about Rojava, and help to create bridges between different projects of Rojava with similar projects around the world.

Once again, is in your hands to spread this information around. Share it with you friends, discus about the situation in middle east with your family and neighbors, organize events in solidarity with the kurdish question… and support the commune!

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