Newsletter #03 – Defend Afrin and Make Rojava Green Again!

This month our newsletter is late (like always), as we had no time to publish it before. The attacks of the Turkish army and their jihadist proxies under the flag of the FSA affect our projects, but resistance is life and we will continue our work while we #DefendAfrin.

January was the month we chose to launch our ‘Make Rojava Green Again‘ campaign, because February is the time for planting trees that will grow in the spring. We published the introduction to our campaign in several languages, which are available to download in Arabic English French German Italian Kurdish Russian Spanish and Turkish.

After Afrin was invaded, we explained our situation in this statement (also in German and Spanish), and we made a call to action in protest at these attacks against the people of Afrin and all the Democratic Federation of Northern Syria. We also made this nice video, which shows pictures from demonstrations all around the world in solidarity with Afrin.

In mid-January, before the attacks on Afrin, the first international conference of Jineology took place in Derik. The Internationalist Autonomous Women’s Group took part in the conference and wrote articles in English (and 2), French (1 and 2), German (1 and 2), Spanish (1 and 2) and Italian. In coordination with the Jineology Committee, we also published a statement about the the destruction of the Ain Dara temple, an important part of the archaeological heritage of women’s culture, by Turkish warplanes. This is also available in French, Spanish and German.

Our articles about communalism and social ecology and the Kurdish response to climate change are an introduction to the ecology campaign we are starting, to open the debate about the topic and prepare for the launch of our ‘Make Rojava Green Again‘ webpage.

We also published a text we wrote reflecting about the ideas of democratic confederalism and democratic modernity in English and Spanish, and an analysis from a friend about the different aspects of self-defense, very appropriate in this time of resistance.

We have a lot of work to do and a lot of things going on, check out our networks for more information and #DefendAfrin!

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