Newsletter #06

Dear friends,

We want to share with you in this monthly newsletter the things we had been doing in this month of April:

April past by, enjoying what can bee the greenest month in Rojava. Our works for Make Rojava Green Again are blossoming, is beautifully to see the trees and shoots we had been planting in the last moths growing and shaping the landscape of the international academy. We are planting also new trees of different kinds, and extending the vegetable garden with seeds from different parts of the world that some friends brought to Rojava. We also built a roof for the outside space for sitting and discussing together, because the summer is coming and we now how hard can be the sun here. You can see the the pictures of this works of the last months in the last galleries of pictures we shared.

But we do not forget the brutal occupation of Afrin by the Turkish army, and the ongoing resistance that is taking place there, and we shared an article of an international friend who was working in Afrin when the war started. Today, the attacks and the oppression against the Afrin population, specially violent against women, are answered by brave people fighting for the liberation of the western canton of Rojava. We will not rest until we get rid of the turkish imposed authorities the fanatic Islamic groups that, today, are occupying the houses of those who had being forced to leave their lands and look for shelter as refugees.

As internationalists, we are also following the situation of the resistance movements in other parts of the world, like the struggle in La ZAD in Notre Dame des Landes. This attacks are a new example of how the states – in this case, the French State – will try to destroy everything that scape from their control and surveillance. The common aim to defend the land against the advance of capitalism and tecnoindustrial society (like the airport planned to be build there), created a space of democratic autonomy with an ecological paradigm. We salute the popular resistance taking place, and all the militants who are fighting for defend the autonomy achieved there.

We also published calls for the May Day in english, french and german. This day had been celebrated as a traditional festivity in many cultures, as Beltane or Walpurgis nigth, enjoying the arrival of the spring. Is also the international day of the workers in commemoration of the Haymarket Square affair in Chicago 1886. The struggle and resistance to defend the rights of the workers, and the brutal attacks with what the bourgeois establishment answered to their actions, needs to be remembered and take it as example in our paths toward freedom.

And is for the same reason that we are always remembering the friends and comrades who died defending the revolution in the Democratic Federation of Northern Syria. As internationalists in Rojava we see the importance of continuing the struggle of those who lost their lives here, and we took part of the commemoration act of şehid Hêlîn and şehid Legerîn, sharing pictures and videos of this event. We also took part of the commemoration of the 18 persons assassinated under the bombs of turkish planes one year ago in Qerecox, and in the funeral of şehid Delil Emerika.

We shared and article reflecting about the ideas of Murray Bookchin, like social ecology and libertarian municipalism, and their influence on the Rojava Revolution. We published a statment of some italian friends in Rojava, remembering the partizan struggle in 73rd aniversary of the liberation from the nazi ocupation. We also published another statement denouncing the attacks of imperialist forces against Syria, and how the NATO military alliance abuse of their military hegemony for economic and geopolitical imperialist aspirations.

Share this informations and support the Commune. We also want to hear also about what you think about our works and our projects, we would be happy to receive feedback for what we are doing and sharing.

Revolutionary greetings

Internationalist Commune of Rojava

May 2018

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