#RiseUp4Rojava: Call from Berlin activists – Demonstration in Berlin Sa. 26. January

Activist from Berlin call for Demonstration at Saturday 26, January in Berlin Metro-Station U8 Bernauerstraße at 3pm. Following the call:


Yesterday night, posters of Ivana Hofmann, Anna Campbell and Andrea Wolf, woman’s who martyred in the Kurdish liberation struggle, were put up in Berlin to remember the fallen comrades in the struggle for a free life.

Imagine a society made up of countless small communities.Imagine these communities live peacefully side by side and with each other, despite their different cultural and religious backgrounds. Imagine the members of these communities give shape to their everyday lives by deciding collectively on everything that directly affects them. Imagine these communities decide to live in harmony with nature. Imagine the women of these communities decide to put an end to their oppression by the men.

Everything just a fairy tale? No, beautiful reality.

This society is arising in Syria since 2012. It is being built by more than 5 million people in the midst of the Syrian civil war. It has initiated a new form of Enlightenment in the Middle East.  It is called Rojava, the Democratic Federation of Northern Syria.
But this society is threatened!

Turkey wages war against this society with German weapons in the hands of the Islamic State. In this way, Germany supports another war and genocide!

To defend this society, Ivana Hoffmann has lost her life. We owe her something.

Come to the demonstration on January 26, 3pm at the Metro-Station Bernauerstraße (U8).

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