Vedenga a Rojava, 2nd program of the internationalist radio project

The second program of Vevenga Rojava is out! you can listen it on the soundlcoud site of this internationalist radio project:

In the 2nd episode you can expect an in deep interview with
Argeş and Serhat – two internationalist revolutionaries from YPG,
later International Freedom Battalion and Antifascist Forces of Afrîn.

In this interview we talked about their experiences from Afrîn and whole Rojava, difference between fighting with Daesh and Turkish state, light and dark moments of resistance, dealing with fallen comrades and last but not least about an importance of culture, music and joy in life and struggle.

In Dîroka Şehîd – history of fallen comrades – we spoke about Ş. Şevger Ara Makno. An Anarchist originally from Turkey, brave and warm heart and a friend of many who fell in the countryside of Afrîn.

This program includes his story, explanation of his name and excerpts of emails andrecordings from his closest ones and two poems.

We decided to record live as it gives the radio authenticity we strive for but this method brought a bunch of complications. In the place where the electricity is unstable or none, we had several black outs and that made its influence on the quality.

We kindly ask you to share our radio project anywhere you
can. We also would very much appreciate any feedback
or opinions of yours, please write us to vedengarojava (A) riseup (dot) net

You can check the brochure of the campaign for boycott turism in Turkey we shared in this program here

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