Zagros Eagles – Moments of the Tunnel War

The Turkish invasion in Southern Kurdistan, with focus on the regions of Metina, Zap and Avaşîn has been ongoing for nearly half a year (since April 24th). These attacks against the people of South Kurdistan has to be seen in the context of the continuous and intensifying attempts of the Turkish state and its allies to liquidate the Kurdish Freedom Movement. Therefore, an attack against the Free mountains of Kurdistan is an attack against the Rojava revolution, as well. At the same time, all Turkish aggression to expand their territory towards the South-East are part of bigger ambition to reestablish the borders or the Ottoman Empire. Today, the guerrilla is the only force that is able to actively resist those imperialist dreams.

The fascist Turkish state is committing war crimes on a daily basis, uses chemical weapons and commits an ecocide by burning huge forest areas. However, thanks to the heroic resistance of the guerrilla, they have not managed to gain significant ground since the Turkish soldiers are attacked by the guerrilla wherever they move. The guerrilla is proving once again that the will to fight for human values is more powerful than any NATO-weapon. This video gives a very rare insight into the reality of the tunnel war in Werxelê in Avaşîn.

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