Support the Commune

If you want to support us, there are a lot of ways to do it. Here you can find some examples:

We need help for translations and corrections of what we write in our website. If you find mistakes or you can translate to other languages, you can contact us.

We want to reflect about internationalism and its role on the times we are living. If you make research about this topic, or you have interesting material, you can share it with us.

We also want to spread the revolution, and we need resources for our works. You can organize solidarity events and use this as a platform to spread the revolution. If in this event you collect money and want to send it to us, contact us, we can figure something out, but we don’t want to encourage donations by individuals.

If you want to support the commune, you can do so by sending us bitcoins (at this address: 1EzypY9jThUQGpniYJrSrMeJSY2Wg4bXax )

Other ways to support us directly:

Red Aid is currently running a campaign to support us: Support the Internationalist Commune in Rojava / Unterstützt die Internationalistische Kommune Rojavas

To support the Internationalist Commune send your fundings to this bank-account address with the name “Internationalist Commune” :

Rote Hilfe (Red Help)

IBAN: CH82 0900 0000 8555 9939 2
Post Finance

Refernce: Internationalist Commune of Rojava

For what do we use the money?

In the case of the bitcoins, there’s a high chance they’ll be used to buy safe domains and servers for other projects.

Other donations might be used for:

  • Buying tech equipment (laptops, cameras, …)
  • Power tools
  • Medical equipment
  • Building material and tools

Sending equipment to Rojava

In most cases, sending equipment to Rojava is more of a headache than anything.  There has been a total embargo for years, and only some NGOs and governments can import certain things into Rojava. In most cases, it’s better to send money, than equipment.


We’ll try our best to support any campaign for the Rojava revolution. If you recollected money, or want to do so, for another structure of the Rojava revolution, but you don’t know how to get the money to them, we might be able to help.