Learn Kurmancî


Learn Kurmanji – Has several lessons with videos, audios and explanations. Great for beginners.

WikiFerheng/WQ Ferheng – an excellent dictionary app for smartphone users, which also works with no internet connection. Translation from English to Kurdish and Kurdish into a wide variety of languages, plus much of the Turkish and Arabic vocabulary used here.

Books to download:

Kurmanji Kurdish For The Beginners – A good book, though it contains a lot of Sorani vocabulary.

Hinker 1 – First book of the Hinker series. A great resource for exercises. Entirely in Kurmanji without any explanations in English.

Hinker 2 ‫‬ – Second book of the Hinker series.

Learn Kurdish – a multi-level course in Kurmanji with a focus on grammar.

Kurdish-English dictionary – available to download here.

Video content:

Dersa Kurdî – Series of 60 videos in Kurmanji. Useful for listening practice. Other more difficult videos are also on the channel.

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