Donations and support

We welcome donations, people who want to travel here to join the Rojava revolution on the ground, and other forms of support from across the globe – see below for information about translation, media coverage, and solidarity events in Europe.

Donate to Make Rojava Green Again

We are currently crowdfunding for our Make Rojava Green Again campaign. You can find the page here and more information about the campaign here.

Debbie Bookchin at the Internationalist Commune of Rojava from Internationalist Commune on Vimeo.


Other donations:


You can give to the Commune’s general works via our account at the Bank of Commons.

Bank of Commons

BENEFICIARY: Xarxa Usuaries d habitatge Social SCCL

IBAN: ES52 3183 0800 8110 0197 9424


BANK: Arquia bank


*please put Reference exactly as given here.


If you want to send us bitcoins, you can do so at at this address: 1LofH9QuHriDA1GQpNi6ax2nheauN5GctU

How do we spend our donations?

Details of the Make Rojava Green Again campaign, and the book we are publishing in the coming months, can be found on the campaign page.

In the case of the bitcoins, there’s a high chance they’ll be used to buy safe domains and servers for other projects.

Other donations might be used for:

  • Buying tech equipment (laptops, cameras, and so on)
  • Power tools
  • Medical equipment
  • Building materials and tools

Sending equipment to Rojava

In most cases, sending equipment to Rojava is more of a headache than anything.  There has been a total embargo for years, and only some NGOs and governments can import certain things into Rojava. In most cases, it’s better to send money than equipment.


We need help to translate texts for the website, and for our work in spreading awareness of the revolution – right now comrades from all over the world are translating our Make Rojava Green Again book into their native tongues. If you can translate to other languages, you are very welcome to contact us.

Organising at home

We also want to spread the revolution, and we need resources for our works. You can organize solidarity events and use this as a platform to spread the revolution.

Get in touch if you need any support – we can arrange for video appearance or interviews, provide more resources and materials, and potentially arrange for members of the commune since returned to Europe to visit you and share their knowledge and experiences.

We’re also happy to hear from journalists, left media organisations, and researchers who want a perspective from on the ground here in Rojava.

Supporting other structures in Rojava

We’ll try our best to support any campaign for the Rojava revolution. If you collected money, or want to do so, for another structure of the Rojava revolution, but you don’t know how to get the money to them, we might be able to help.