Greetings message to the international Long March

Dear internationalist friends, dear comrades,

We are today part of an international struggle for a free and democratic life. We are a part of a historical fight between freedom and oppression. Wherever we are, if in Kurdistan, in Europe or other parts of the world, our fight is a common struggle that cannot be divided. For years internationalist have come to Rojava to defend the revolution, learning from it and connecting the movements they are coming from with the revolution here. The Internationalist Commune is a result of this yearlong struggle, to have Rojava to be an international revolution. And from here we send you our warmest greetings.

But the revolution is under attack. What is happening in Efrin is just the latest assault of a decades long struggle. Especially the fascist Turkish State, but the other imperialist states, never wanted this revolution to happen, and they will try everything to either crash this growing alternative or liberalize it to a capitalist project. Their system and policies rely on the status-quo created hundred years ago, but the growing selfdefence and selfconciousness of the people is shaking the hegemony of the Nation-State systems. They are loosing credibility and legitimacy to exist. Right here, right now, the future of not only Northern Syria, but the future of the whole region is at stake.

The results of today’s war and chaos are going to define society and life for many decades The attack on Efrin is an attack on the peoples revolution, is an attack on democracy, ecology and women’s freedom. Is an occupation of a fascist State to eliminate progressive and revolutionary elements, and in the end is a direct attack against the ideas and the project of Abdullah Ocalan, who is resisting in Imrali. Is an attempt to continue the international plot from 15th February 1999.

For that reason today you being on the streets, showing solidarity with Efrin resistance and condemning the fascist Turkish State, marching against the international plot and for the freedom of Rêber APO, is an important action at the right time. We need a international revolutionary movement, and the this revolution is the beginning of it. We have to take responsibility for a huge heritage of internationalist struggle, building a new movement able to answer the needs of humanity. Rojava can be the key to overcome capitalism in this century, so we need to defend it! We call on you to pack your bag and make your way to Rojava. Join the revolution, join the Internationalist Commune, join the Efrin resistance.

Like Spain 1936 we will shout “NO PASARAN”, like Vietnam we are going to globally struggle against capitalism and imperialism, like Kobane we are going resist and to win. We will make Efrin the tomb of Erdoğan and turkish fascism.

Long live to international solidarity!

Bijî Serok APO!
Bijî berxwedana Efrînê!
Serî Hilde! Rise Up!

With revolutionary greetings and respect,

Internationalist Commune of Rojava, 09.02.2018

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