International Working Brigades 2022

International Working Brigades 2022

In the spring of 2022, International Working Brigades will make their way to Rojava. This will be an opportunity for democrats, socialists, revolutionaries and internationalists around the world to get to know Rojava, learn about the reality of the struggle here and share their knowledge, and to strengthen the international struggle for a free and communal life. The program includes political seminars and discussions, social and cultural activities, work in a cooperative and a tour through Rojava. You can now register for the first brigade, that will take place from March 13th to the 6th of April, by sending an e-mail to [email protected]. Inscriptions are open until the 31st of December 2021.

Read the call: Join us, become a volunteer! Together we will defend Rojava, work collectively and build communal life!“

Program:[su_spoiler title=”1st Delegation – March 13th to April 6th”]

Base: Derik / Internationalist Youth Commune


13.03. Arrival in Southern Kurdistan / KRG

14.03. Arrival in Southern Kurdistan / KRG

15.03. Bordercrossing to North East Syria (Peshabour/Semalka border)


Morning: First Meeting to get to know each other and clearify the program and frame of the delegation

Afternoon: Barbecue and Picknick

Evening: Group organisation


Morning: Education (The chaos in the Middle East and the history of the revolution)

Afternoon: Education (The chaos in the Middle East and the history of the revolution)

Evening: Movie and discussion


Morning: Education (Democratic Confederalism – The paradigm of a democratic, ecological society and the freedom of women)

Afternoon: Education (Democratic Confederalism – The paradigm of a democratic, ecological society and the freedom of women)

Evening: Discussion


Morning: Education (Womens liberation)

Afternoon: Education (Womens liberation)

Evening: Autonomous program


Morning: Education (Internationalism)

Afternoon: Education (Internationalism)

Evening: Panel on the meaning of Newroz – Lighting the Newroz fire


Newroz celebration


Morning: Visit and get to know the cooperative, factory or village commune where we are going to work and live for a week

Afternoon: Start with the work in the cooperative, factory or village commune


Work in the cooperative/factory/commune


Work in the cooperative/factory/commune


Work in the cooperative/factory/commune


Work in the cooperative/factory/commune


Work in the cooperative/factory/commune


Morning: Work in the cooperative/factory/commune

Afternoon: Cultural Program in the village


Start of the tour


Continue the tour


Continue the tour


Continue the tour


Returning to base


Morning: Creating a big wall painting together

Afternoon: Creating a big wall painting together

Evening: Free Time


Morning: Tree planting

Afternoon: Seminar about the life and meaning of Abdullah Ocalan

Evening: Celebration


Morning: Evaluation of the Program

Afternoon: Discussion on perspectives for the future

Evening: Free Time

06.04.: Travel back to Southern Kurdistan / KRG

*Note: The details of the tour are not being metioned for security reasons. We will share them with you once you arrive in Rojava. The idea is to give you a good inside of different important places in Rojava that have a huge value for us in the history of the revolution.


Network for International Friendship

The International Working Brigades are an initiative of the Network for International Friendship, an umbrella organization containing various entities and institutions of the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria, such as the Internationalist Commune of Rojava, Tevgera Ciwanên Şoreşger ê Sûriyê (Revolutionary Youth Movement of Syria), Kongreya STAR (Women’s umbrella organization in Rojava) and the Civil Diplomacy Center of North and East Syria.

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