Revolutionary Art:
Solidarity with Rojava

To celebrate the 12 years of the revolution, send to us your arts about the Revolution!

12 years ago, the flames of revolution were ignited and have since burned without a stop, challenging colonialism, patriarchy and inspiring revolutionaries around the world.

Rojava is not just a geographical place, it is also a representation of the spirit that the Kurdish Revolutionary Movement brought to the world, a vision of a future where autonomy, women’s liberation and internationalism prevail over colonialism and exploitation. On this anniversary, it is the time to celebrate and strengthen this revolutionary spirit.

We are calling on all artists committed to the fight for freedom and the Revolution to create posters that echo the screams of the streets, the colors of resistance and the determination of free people. Whether you are a graffiti artist on the streets of a metropolis or a graphic designer, your arts have the power to incite revolt, celebration, awaken consciousness and bring hope.

Join us on this journey of revolutionary expression. Send your arts, posters by the end of June to [email protected]. Let’s transform our works into weapons of resistance, into messages of solidarity that echo across all geographies.

No matter how many bombs fall, the revolution cannot be contained, only inspired. Let us light the way to a revolutionary tomorrow, where Rojava is a beacon of hope for all the oppressed.

Send your arts, posters by the end of June to

[email protected]

The Revolutionary movement has a long history of Resistance art, we share some of this historical art for inspiration

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