A Ray of Hope



Foza Yusuf, member of the coordination of Kongra Star, former co-chair of the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria, on the importance of internationalist works against Turkish fascism.

First of all I would like to greet all our people worldwide, all friends of the Kurdish people and all freedom-seeking women on the occasion of the demonstrations and actions that took place on World Resistance Day. We congratulate you on your attitude. The ruling system is going through a great crisis today, so they are trying to solve all problems with war, money, repression and violence.

A great attack is taking place on the media and cultural level. The aim is in particular to prevent freedom-seeking and democratic projects, i.e. projects that can represent a solution to the problems of mankind.

In Western Kurdistan/Northeast Syria there is not only fighting for the solution of Syria’s problems, but for the solution of the problems worldwide. It is the beginning of a solution for many existing worldwide problems, which can become a hope for the solution. A hope of how the problems can be solved on a fundamental level, which generates a very great search in itself.

So that they can suffocate this project and so that this project does not reach its goal, the ruling forces work together regionally and internationally and therefore this fierce war is waged through Erdogan and ISIS against us.

And that is why today’s question of Rojava is both a regional and an international question. On the one hand, the people of Rojava are fighting for their own freedom, equality and justice, while at the same time waging war against ISIS and other jihadist forces. These forces pose a threat to all humanity. So this struggle, as much as it is a struggle within, is also a global struggle.

The peoples of the world have understood that this struggle, which is waged here today, is waged for the whole world. On the one hand for their defense against the fascism of ISIS and the threat which Erdogan represents for the region and the world and on the other hand has this democratic and freedom-seeking project become a ray of hope for women as well as for the oppressed peoples and all oppressed classes.

If we summarize all this, we can say that the Kurdish question becomes one with the global system question. To stand by Rojava therefore means to stand by democratic and freedom-seeking values.

On the other hand, standing for a society means standing for a people that has made great and valuable sacrifices for humanity. That is why this struggle must be further intensified and this struggle must continue.

Because if the ruling forces reach their goal, it will be like in past times, when many revolutions were smothered and smashed. As a result, democratic and freedom-seeking forces in the region as well as around the world have received violent blows and have not been able to stand up again for years.

That would happen again. That is why we say that the massacre of the Kurdish people is a massacre of the democratic & freedom-seeking forces. And that is why we must all fight together, and we must deepen, widen and increase this fight every day. Because a great cause requires great struggle and great organizations.

We have to transform our struggle day by day into an organized force and enlarge and continue our versatile actions in many ways. Everyone should know that ISIS, which in the past carried out its actions by means of a conspiratorial and illegal identity, has now received an official identity with Erdogan and the Turkish state. Just as Hitler in the 20th century represented a danger and threat to the security of the entire world, today Erdogan and ISIS threaten the entire human race.

Baghdadi was killed, but not his idea, his line was not ended. Erdogan has taken over the leadership of ISIS, which of course he does with the legitimacy of NATO through his contacts and alliances.

On the other hand, it is necessary that we, as democratic forces, develop democratic and freedom-seeking global alliances against this reactionary front, whose avant-garde Erdogan, ISIS and Qatar take over today.

Everyone must be aware of this, even if the Kurds are undoubtedly facing the greatest danger, that, if all this does not end here, this danger will also pass to Europe, to the Middle East and to many other countries.

There are already many signs of this. If one evaluates the struggle of the international democratic front, which is currently gathering around Rojava, to become a force and an attitude, on this basis, then one can say that this danger must be met with global resistance.

All antifascist forces must develop strong alliances against the brutality of ISIS and against the Salafist and Jihadist ideas that Erdogan is trying to spread. That is why these internationalist works are important. Erdogan represents an extremely reactionary thought and line. He tries from morning to night to create allies for himself so that he can stifle our revolution. On the other hand, as a progressive world, we must unite so that together we can smash this wave of dictatorship and fascism that is advancing in Turkey. Just as we broke this wave in Kobane, it is necessary that we smash this new wave together.

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