Call for actions on 1st of may! Revolutionary greetings from the Internationalist Commune of Rojava

Dear friends and comrades,

We are facing a critical situation. The ruling powers openly declared war to the Rojava Revolution, Afrin is right now under turkish fascist occupation. At the same time the autonomous area La ZAD in Notre Dame des Landes gets harshly attacked, under attemps of occupation by a police army.

Repression and (preventive) counter-insurgency increases everywhere: Insane verdicts against protesters who were kidnapped during the G20-summit in Hamburg, brutal oppression against the Catalan independence movement, permanent state of emergency through new counter-terrorism law in France, imprisonment for decades of anarchist comrades by anti-terrorist law in Greece, raids in Kurdish asociations in Germany, changes on the constitution of Turkey for make it fit to the ottomanist dream of Erdogan, development of fascism in many parliaments all over Europe, Trump in the White House…

The governments don‘t care about democratic proportionality or constitutional legitimacy. Through hounding, creation of fear, state of emergency, more authorithy to the police and the so called war on ‘terrorism‘ they can rule and oppress without being disturbed by a critical population or their own bourgois-liberal constitutions. The mask of citizen rights, democracy and a state of justice fell – when it didn‘t already do long time ago – during the developments of the last years.

What happens right now is the attempt to destroy all revolutionary structures and projects which they think could be dangerous for their reign now or in future. But the last years have also showed that this attempt is not succesful until now, we are not easy to control and oppress. The resistance of the people determined to face the injustices of this world is also raising against all this attacks.

Facing the 1st May we should be conscious of and act according to that. We are able to be a serious antagonist to the ruling order and to create a beautiful resistance. The fights of Hamburg, the movement on the streets of France since the last two years, the attacks against the agents of war since the turkish offensive in Afrin… and so many other moments! Those are just some examples of what strenght in resistance we are able to develope based on international solidarity, ungovernability and organization.

We call for participating in demonstrations and actions. Let‘s make this 1st May another sign of our struggle against this system! Take the streets back on the day of the international workers revolutionary movement!

From Rojava to Europe, long live international solidarity!
Long live the 1st of May!

Internationalist Commune of Rojava

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