Call to the young women of the world: Join the women’s revolution in Rojava!

The women’s revolution of the 21st century is blossoming in Rojava. For more than 10 years the women and the different peoples of northeast Syria have been struggling and fighting to build up an alternative life to capitalism – in the middle of the 3rd world war.

With the crisis of capitalism which today is reaching it’s peak, the attacks of this inhumane system on the revolution of Rojava are intensifying. From military attacks to economical embargo to warfare against the eco-system – the state forces are increasing the pressure on Rojava on a daily basis. Why? Because the state forces, such as the turkish state as well as the emperial forces like NATO, realized that Rojava is representing a serious alternative to a system that is built up on the exploitation of humans and nature.

Rojava has proven itself. Through the effort and sacrifice of the people and especially with the vanguard of women, lots of achievements have been made that no one can ignore. This revolution has brought freedom that the people have disired for hundreds of years under oppression, occupation and colonialism. Today the people of northeast Syria are governing themselves, implementing the co-chair system (which means the double leadership of a women and a men in every institution of the self-administration) and reviving the common life between the different religions and ethnicities of the region.

Rojava has been drawing attention all around the world due to the people’s defense forces’ successful fight against ISIS. Especially the women’s defense forces (YPJ) spreading the slogan “Jin Jiyan Azadî” became the symbol of Rojava. It is especially young women who are defending not only the revolution and it’s achievements against the most barbaric form of patriarchy but at it’s core defending the values of humanity.

Young women from the region as well as from different continents have been working for the revolution and defending it until today. From Abya Yala to Europe – Young women are coming to Rojava in support of building up life within the paradigm of women’s liberation, grassroots democracy and ecology.

Taking part in this process means becoming part of a new internationalism. The ideas that are developed and realised here, are practical solutions that can be adapted to all parts of the world. Today the success of revolutions all around the world is closely connected to the success of the revolution of Rojava.
Rojava shows that it’s possible – and that it is the biggest source of hope for everyone who is seeking for a new world, a new life, justice and equality. Therefore defending the revolution of Rojava means defending the hope for revolution all around the world.

We don’t just want to be in solidarity with the people of Rojava, but we are actively taking part in the defense of the revolution, in the creation of common free life and in developing practical solutions for economical, ecological and other problems, that are arising due to embargo, military attacks and more.

We, young women from all around the world are coming together in Rojava, in the heart of struggle for a beautiful life that is created by the hands of the people themselves

Revolution is not defined by some theoretical concepts, but by the way we live. In the Internationalist Commune we are building up communal life, learning from the society around us. This includes developing true comradeship based on the development of revolutionary personalities.

We are calling on all young women around the world, who want to learn, contribute and become part of the women’s revolution of the 21st century: Let’s defend this revolution and its achievements together! Come to Rojava, join us in the Internationalist Commune and become part of the revolution of Rojava! Together we will strengthen the internationalist struggle for Rojava and thus spread the fire of revolution all around the world!

Jin Jiyan Azadî!

We are excited to hear from you!

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