Catalunya is not alone! Solidarity from the Internationalist Commune of Rojava

The voice of the Catalan people reclaiming independence sounds all around the world

From the internationalist commune of Rojava (west Kurdistan) we want to show our support with the peoples of Catalunya: All the peoples should be able to decide their own future. The desire of freedom of Catalunya, heritage of centuries of history, shows the will of a people that reclaims self-determination. One state imposing its force on the identity of one country, is an atack against the most basic principles of democracy. The repression with wich the spanish state is answering, reminds us where this State came from, the heritage of the military strike that lead to the spanish civil war.

Catalunya had a very important role in the revolution of 1936, where the popular self-organization faced the militar fascist strike. The people rise in arms for face tha spanish national army, that was lead by the general Franco. The international brigades who assisted the revolution, answering the call of different socialist organizations to fight against fascism, are today a reference for the internationalists all arround the world.

The dead of Franco on 1975 was lived with hope, but the fake democratic transition was the continuation of the franquist regime, repressing with violence the desire for freedom of those who suffered the dictatorship. Today, the independence of the catalan country can open a door to a truly democratic renovation, and the solidarity showed from other opressed peoples by the spanish state, like bascs, gallicians, andalusians or castillians, shows the popular necessity to put an end to this postfranquist regime. The catalan people in Rojava are following the situation in Catanlunya with hope.

The society of Rojava is showing that the autonomy of an selforganized people is possible. The revolutionary process the kurdish people is building day by day, had cost sweat and tears, but nowadays Rojava is an example of freedom and democracy, specially for the womens struggle. We know that the Spanish state will not make it easy, the way towards autonomy is not a simple way, but the kurdish people will always be on the side of the peoples who desire to live freely, because solidarity is the tenderness of peoples, and life starts where the state ends.

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