For Şehîd Tekoşer Piling (Lorenzo Orsetti)

Dear comrades in Italy, dear comrades all over the world,

our friend and comrade Lorenzo Orsetti, Heval Tekoşer Piling, internationalist revolutionary fall Şehîd fighting bravely in the final stages of the battle against the Islamic State near Baghouz (Deir Ezzor) on March 18th. A death so painful for all internationalists in Rojava, just when the war of liberation waged by the people of North-Eastern Syria against the enemy of humanity is now in its final chapter, after 6 years of relentless struggle and thousands of fallen revolutionaries.

His decision to side up with the cause of the Northern Syrian people came out of the desire to defend the Apoist revolution. This is revolution is a practical expression of the principles of democratic confederalism. It means that people are radically changing society with great determination in different fields, from the political structure based on democratic autonomy and self-administration, to the economy that has seen the birth of countless social cooperatives and to the liberation of women.

His profound conviction in the anarchist ideals of justice, equality and freedom, which had always belonged to Orso, led him to choose to reject the life imposed by capitalist modernity, made up of oppression, exploitation and alienation. He decided to play an active role in the struggle for freedom, with great dedication and courage, finding new life in it, showing all its love for humanity.

Heval Tekoşer had arrived in Rojava from Italy in the autumn of 2017 to join the YPG first, fighting with valor in the defense of Afrin, assaulted by the Turkish fascist state and their jihadist gangs, from the first to the last day. He also took part in the internationalist units of TKP / ML-TİKKO and finally as member of Tekoşîna Anarşîst (Anarchist Struggle) framed in the Syrian Democratic Forces, during the offensive against the Islamic State which culminated in these days in the military defeat of the Caliphate.

It is our will as the Internationalist Commune of Rojava to offer our condolences to the family of Lorenzo and to pay tribute to a great comrade, a great anarchist, a great revolutionary such as Heval Tekoşer, an example of extreme courage and sacrifice. We therefore call on action and mobilization to everyone in Italy and in the world who share the ideals of humanity that have marked Lorenzo’s life, to commemorate his life and to continue on the path he took, till the victory against fascism in all its forms and against the oppressive monster that is the capitalist system. The martyrs are our honor, the martyrs have made this Revolution what it is today.

“Every storm begins with a single drop.
Try to be that drop.
I love you all.”
Ciao Orso.
Death to
the death! Death to the pain!
Şehîd Namirin! The martyrs are immortal.

Internationalist Commune of Rojava, March 22th, 2019

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