From Day X to the International Days of Action

All around the world, people have answered the call for Day X, day of Turkish invasion of Rojava, to stand ready and prepared for an aggression of the revolution’s grounds. Although a buffer zone, secured by the local military councils, is being set up in order to prevent such action in North-Eastern Syria, the peoples of Afrin, Idlib, Bakur and Bașur are currently under attack of the Turkish fascist state. Also, the threat of an invasion of Rojava is still hanging over our heads, the cards in the battlefield of the Middle East are shuffled daily. The Kurdish liberation movement can only rely on its own strength and on the solidarity of the women, oppressed classes and peoples worldwide. So let us not lose any concentration, as we announce that international solidarity develops into a new phase : The International Days of Action.

On 6 & 7 of September, comrades throughout the world will lead actions in their home countries in order to BLOCK, DISRUPT and OCCUPY Turkish capitalists and their collaborators, in a simultaneous effort to smash this war of aggressionand cut its supplies.

Actions will be carried out at an international level in countries such as Germany, Brazil, Australia, Canada, Sweden, Switzerland, Catalunya, United Kingdom, Bulgaria, Greece, Italy…

Together we can cut the supplies for Turkey’s war on Kurdistan!

Let us all unite in action the 6 & 7 September !

Smash Turkish fascism !

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