Greetings from Erol Aydemir in Rome to internationalists on hunger strike

Ciao you all!

I send greetings to the comrades in solidarity during this hunger strike, and I want to tell them that their solidarity is a great moral support for us.

I also send my sincerest regards to the leader of this strike, Leyla Güven and to all the other strikers.

At this moment, all strikers have overcome difficult moments. The silence of the European states is a testimony to their complicity in this serious crime. From now on, they will be responsible for any negative consequence.

In fact, this silence and the absence of sanctions against Erdogan are not surprising us at all. It is the very classic reaction of the nation state that Ocalan has often drawn our attention to. To protect their interests, the nation states are the accomplices of this unlawful isolation. The silence of the European states makes Erdogan more and more tyrannical and uncontrollable every day. Fascism has no final limit. Erdogan, who feeds on this silence, shows more and more every day his hostility to democracy.

Despite the election victory of the HDP in some cities, Erdogan manages to steal the votes of the people through the High Electoral Commission. And because that does not seem to be enough for him, he hands over the municipalities which the HDP has won to sequestrators and sends the representatives of the HDP into prison on the pretext that they are PKK supporters. He answers democracy with his tyranny. Erdogan makes this infront of the eyes of the world, not a single European state shows a contradiction to these facts. States that inactively accept this injustice are not democratic states. I call on the United Nations to show whose side they are on. Where are the universal human rights? By not raising their voice, they are accomplices.

You have to remember that this isolation affects not only Öcalan, but the entire Kurdish people. The silence of states means nothing else than to avoid the guilt of these nation-states becoming visible.

The isolation nourishes the growing fascism not only in Turkey, but also in the rest of the world. And that is precisely why we say that Ocalan is the symbol and key figure of peace, of justice, and is the leading figure of peoples who love Freedom, peace and justice.

Isolation is a crime against humanity, this isolation must be stopped!!!

A thousand greetings to the resistance and the liberation movement!

Erol Aydemir
(on hunger strike for 24 days)

Rome, 13.4.2019

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