Haukur Hilmarsson: The victory over fascism is humanity’s struggle

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Sehid Sahin Huseyni (Haukur Hilmarsson) came in 2017 in Rojava to support the revolution. The social progress in north Syrian groung is a process of decades of the kurdish autonomous movement. In recent years we see and understand that the legacy of north Syria’s autonomy is an outcome of many enthnicities as Kurds, Arabs, Assyrians, Armenians and more. The confederalist way of organizing the local societies is giving to the most oppressed the ability to organize themselves beyond the model of nation-state and to protect their achievements via a successful self-defence. Beyond and near of those who work and defend this new reality stand those who oppose it.

The dominant states in middle east, in Europe and America armed fascist groups with the cause to impose further their interests in Syria and to weaken, to stop and even kill the social liberation movement that has being emerging. Daesh is a fascist force and it has been breed with this cause from statist forces, like the Turkish state. The tyranny it forced to territories, who were under its control, reproduces the exploitative system of the capitalist world. Further, its patriarchal structure enslaves the society by dening freedom to women and forces children to become soldiers-murderers. Its model was pure authoritarian and dictatorial.

The YPG and YPJ have played and still play a vital role to the revolution by protecting the self-administration of the different people and groups. The resistance of Kobane changed the history and made people and comrades around the world to believe again to revolutionary perspective and it’s dynamics. This resistance open the eyes of many for its righteous cause. It made oppressed people from around the world to come to Rojava to support it at any field and cause. Internationalist comrades have fought through YPG/YPJ, so freedom will prevail and become bigger and stronger. Many comrades became martyrs of the revolution.

Sehid Sahin, an anarchist revolutionary himself, was one of these comrades.The history of this land and it’s struggle was known to him. Knowing the history and the motivation for freedom of comrades who martyred before, he understood the decentralized efforts in organizing society and convinced for the necessity of free life’s victory. Like Ciwan Firat, Roben Agiri, Demhat Goldman, Kendal Breyzh, Helin Qerecox, Sevger Makhno -all of them anarchists- he proved, like them, that the anarchist/libertarian movement stands in solidarity with the revolution of our time. Through RUIS, he joined the IFB and participated in campaign to liberate Raqqa from Daesh. During his presence on the front, except the fighting, he strongly implemented the spirit of community in daily life. He worked with his comrades to empower the IFB (a battalion of YPG and YPJ) in every aspect. He studied with other comrades the processes of past revolutions and they prepared physicaly to be ready to defend the Syrian confederation in the near future.

When the occupation army of Turkish state, it’s mercenaries and jihadist striked Afrin, sehid Sahin knew that the revolution is under attack. The statist army and fascist forces attacked with the purpose to kill the social-liberation movement’s achievements. Internationalist fighters, anarchists and communist revolutionaries have fought with YPG and YPJ in Afrin. Despite the technological advantages of the enemy, YPG/YPJ fought bravely. On 24/2/18 our comrade Sahin operated with YPG and MLKP pushing back from the village of Badina a large number of FSA gangs. After the successful defence the warplanes striked the comrades and the village. Heval Sahin became Sehid and other comrades of MLKP (Ozgur Avaroni, Zeynel Seyid Riza, Tirej Aliser) became immortal. As a result of ongoing occupation, the turkish state is imposing, sehid Sahin’s and a lot of other comrades bodies are not in our hands…

‘’The victory over fascism is in the interest of us and all humanity’’, sehid Sahin said. The ‘’civilized’’ world of the west it’s not only repressing the refugees and those who self-organized to achieve freedom on it’s ground. In stead, the dominant states are pushing further their control, reaching the war in Syria. Here, where autonomous/freedom movement has made radical steps, fascism attempted to grown with serious support from different states. Standing in solidarity with the different people and the women of Syrian federation (Rojava included), we enforce a social change for the people in middle east and all humanity. We strengthen peace between people and oppressed groups, to whom the local regimes are trying to impose the conflict beween them with the intention to establish control and exploitation. Sehid Sahin lived and defended the new world of freedom that is emerging. He practiced equality, comradship, justice as elements of the community way of life he lived with his comrades on the front. His bond with Rojava revolution was that tight, he planned to offer his knowledge as anthropologist to society here.

We salute Kendal Breyzh, Baran Galicia, Sahin Huseyni, Helin Qerecox, Sevger Makhno, the communist revolutionaries and the hundreds of YPG and YPJ that became immortal defending Afrin from the fascist attack of Turkish state and its jihadist. Our martyrs offer is not to be forgotten! We salute all comrades of YPG and YPJ that are still fighting to stop the fascist occupation in Afrin!


With respect and commitment
to Sahin Huseyni’s cause and memory

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