“Today, we remember our friend Şiyar Gabar and all fallen internationalist comrades who lost their lives in the liberation struggle of all oppressed peoples.”

03-2017-02-23 – Dosya Taybet-Gerillayeki Alman bi Nasnav Siyar Gabar_Engl from Internationalist Commune on Vimeo.

Şiyar Gabar, Jakob Riemer fell martyr in a military operation of the Turkish army in Çarçella, Gever (Yüksekova, Colemêrg/Hakkâri province at 9th July 2018. He was born in Germany in 1994. Early on in life, he recognised the injustice of the existing system and started looking for ways to fight back. He fought against the capitalist moderaty, where people do not count and the gulf between social classes is ever-increasing. Şiyar believed that a social system without exploitation is possible and became active in various left groups in Germany. That is where he first learned about the Kurdish people and their liberation struggle. He recognised that international liberation could be achieved on the basis of Abdullah Öcalan’s ideas about a free life and decided to fight for this goal in the ranks of the PKK. In 2013, he went into the mountains of Kurdistan and joined the HPG.