Interview with Yadê Suat, Mother of two Martyrs, about how Abdullah Öcalan influenced her life!

On the 15th of February 1999 Rêber Apo got kidnapped as the result of an international conspiracy against the Kurdish Freedom Movement.
His detention caused big protests in all over the world. The conditions of his imprisonment became worse during the years. Since three years there has been neither any contact with him nor information about his situation and health. For over 25 years now the Kurdish people struggle for the freedom of Abdullah Öcalan.

To understand the meaning of Abdullah Öcalan for the society of the Middle East we made an interview with Yadê Suat. You can see her sitting between the pictures of her two daughters Hevrîn and Zozan, who gave their life in the struggle. Hevrîn Xelef (left side) was one of the founders of the Future Syria Party and took an important role to work forwards unity of Assyrian, Arabs and Kurds and a democratization of Syria. She got assassinated on 12th October 2019 during the occupation of Serê Kanî and Girê Spî by the Turkish fascist State. Her older sister Zozan Xelef (right side) joined the PKK as she was still a young women. She fell martyr in the freedom struggle when Şehîd Hevrîn was still in her childhood.

Yadê Suat is mentioning the 15th of August. The 15th of August in 1984 is dated as the beginning of the armed struggle. For the Kurdish Freedom Movement this day is seen as Cejna Vejînê (feast of revival). Therefore the celebration of the 15th August is a moment to gather, celebrate and strengthen the collective resistance.

Young Internationalist Women,

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