Invitation to the „Freedom for Öcalan” Long March

Dear friends,

Since the Long March last year we have been able to achieve great victories in our struggle for a free society without a state, power or violence. Through its commitment to radical democracy, ecology and women‘s liberation and because of its visionary approach the Kurdish Freedom Movement has become a central factor in the Middle East. After the liberation of the former IS-capital Raqqa the practical example of the Democratic Federation of North Syria is taking shape more and more. Not only in Kurdistan and the Middle East does the Kurdish Movement bring people of various backgrounds together and thus oppose the usual divide and rule policy. This is also the case in Europe, as we have all seen during the G20 summit! In contrast to the proclamation, There is No Alternative, Rojava shows us all that a different world is possible!

With every step towards freedom we feel the repression a little bit more. We are going through times of great opportunities but also great dangers. Therefore we would like to invite you to our second Long March from 8th – 17th February, 2018 from Luxembourg to Strasbourg. Two groups will start their march to Strasbourg simultaneously and join for a big demonstration in Strasbourg with friends from all over Europe.

The main goal of our Long March is to raise awareness for the situation in Kurdistan and Abdullah Öcalan. The case of Abdullah Öcalan cannot be considered apart from the Kurdish question. He is not allowed to speak to his lawyers or relatives. This injustice has been going on for 18 years now! The goal behind his total isolation is to discredit him and to prevent his ideas from reaching the world. In order to achieve these goals the AKP-government and the Turkish state have been enforcing the total isolation of Öcalan since April 2015. There is worrying news surrounding the health of the Kurdish People’s Leader Abdullah Ocalan. Recent rumors and discussions in the Turkish media as to whether he is still alive has created grave concerns amongst the Kurds and their friends in Turkey, Middle East and Europe including the EU.

We hope that you will participate in our march because the higher the participation the greater the impact. During our march from Luxemburg to Strasbourg, which will last ten days, we will organize meetings or seminars and give interviews. Our march is also directed towards the European Commission and the European Committee for the Prevention of Torture in order to remind them of their responsibilities. We invite all groups that fight for democracy, freedom, justice, peace and human rights to join our march or send solidarity messages.

Please send us an email by 1st January, 2018: langermarsch2018(at) We are looking forward to hearing from you as to how you will be able to participate. As soon as we have received your mail, you will get more detailed information, exact dates and a temporary schedule. Certain friends will be responsible for the communication with participants, the coordination of the detailed schedule and information on logistics and accommodation.


– Long March from 8th – 17th February, 2018 from Luxemburg to Strasbourg

– Journey to starting point on 7th January, 2018 from Saarbrücken, Frankfurt, Luxemburg, Baden-Baden

– Demonstration on 17th February, 2018 in Strasbourg with friends from all over Europe

– Concerts, panels and seminars on topics like Democratic Confederalism, Jineolojî, internationalism and universal democracy every evening

– Sneakers suitable for the march; sleeping bags necessary; If you don‘t have one we will be able to provide one for you.

Freedom For Ocalan and Political Prisoners Committee

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