From Kurdistan to Wallmapu – Solidarity with the Mapuche!

We, the Internationalist Commune of Rojava, declare our solidarity to the indigenous Mapuche people that is fighting for its rights and its land that is occupied by companies and the forces of the Chilean state.

Dams for hydropower plants, landfills and roads are created on Wallmapu, the land of the Mapuche since decades. Deforestation rights for huge forest areas have been awarded and Wallmapu has been distributed and sold to big companys. The plundering of natural resources, carried out by multinational corporations with the blessing of the Chilean state leads to misery and destruction of the environment.

Today, the Mapuche are the third-largest indigenous group in South America. At the time of the beginning of the Spanish colonization, the Mapuche affected much of the Southern Cone, including most of Argentina and Chile. Today the majority of the Mapuche lives in the southern regions of Chile, the result of almost 500 years of land usurpation and relocation. But as well as there is a history of oppression, there is a history of resistance, first against the Spanish colonialism, later against the colonization by the Chilean state.

Until now, every attempt of the inhabitants to break out of their misery is answered with political oppression. Its obvious, hat all those, who resist against colonialist domination and struggle for better conditions, justice and freedom of the Mapuche People are exposed to brutal oppression by the state. Many of those, who are struggling for the rights of the indigenious people in Chile got arrested involving the anti-terror-laws which are coming from the Pinochet-era.

Some weeks ago four well known Mapuche activists ended their hunger strike, 116 days they denied food to protest against the conditions of pre-trail detention and dropping anti-terrorist charges. It must be considered that the state responds to indigenous demands of land, territory and autonomy by criminalising social protest.

Parliamentary elections are held in Chile on 19. November, and right-wing politicians are using the racist oppression against the indigenous population of Chile for their campaigns. Other politicians promise, that the situation of the Mapuche will improve after the elections. But we are convinced that the struggle for dignity and democracy means struggle against capitalism and nation-state. A life in dignity and freedom is just possible, if we create our own democratic structures and defend them. In Kurdistan, in Mapuche and elsewhere.

From one frontline of the struggle for dignity to another: Your dreams are also ours.

Respect and solidarity!

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