With the spirit of the fight of Kobane we will win the international struggle for liberation

During the last days there were repeated attacks of the Turkish state in the border region around the cities of Kobane and Gire Spi. In those attacks two fighters of the defence units and one 12 year old girl were killed already. The strikes followed the Erdogan’s announcement at a meeting with the heads of government of France, Germany and Russia. Erdogan declares he also wants to wage war east of the Euphrates.

We align ourselves with the proclamations of KCK, KNK and the youth movement in Europe. Today, on “World-Kobane-Day”, we call on all democratic forces to participate in the planned actions and demonstrations and become active even beyond that. With the spirit of Kobane we will show once again how the worldwide struggles are connected, and will side by side stop the advance of fascism and the attacks on Rojava.

As in Europe there were also many actions in Rojava already. And we, too, were in Tirbe Spi today at a mass rally with almost 10,000 people. We want to share some impressions with you. And because our struggles are connected, we greet our comrades in Winterthur, Switzerland, who carry their solidarity onto the street tonight.


Greeting from the Internationalist Commune in Rojava

Dear comrades, we as internationalists of the Internationalist Commune send our militant greetings from Rojava. Together with the populace of Rojava we took to the streets today against the recurring attacks on the part of the Turkish state. With that we show a strong sign. And today is the anniversary of the World-Kobane-Day. This day was proclaimed in the midst of the resistance of Kobane in 2014. As a result the whole world took notice of the determination and the fighting spirit of the revolution in Rojava.

That we are on the street today shows that those attacks on Rojava have continuance. But it also shows that the resistance against them becomes even more determined.
The demonstration in Tirbe Spî with almost 10,000 people was lead by a strong women’s block, who loudly condemned the attacks on the villages around Kobane and the city Gire Spi. All together we called on the people of Rojava and the world to defend their revolution against the imperialist and fascist onsloughts. As internationalists we carried a banner with the inscription: “With the spirit of the fight of Kobane we will win the international struggle for liberation!”

After the summit of Turkey, Germany, France and Russia Erdogan goes on the offensive anew. This shows once again that Rojava is not only a thorn in the flesh of the Turkish regime but of all imperialist states. With good reason: Because Rojava is currently the perhaps most important revolutionary prospect. Here the liberated society is being built up from below and succesfully defended. Particularly the women play a central role, this, too, is exceptional in history. They drive the revolution forward in all aspects. That is why Rojava needs to be defended, here and internationally: Because the fight for the revolution in Rojava is also our fight for the revolution worldwide. This is why it is important that specifically in Europe the calm backcountry of those in power is being spoiled for them. And that they know that not only in Rojava but worldwide they have to expect a determined and strong resistance. And that against every attack.

We greet you and wish you an assertive rally, in memory of the successful resistance of Kobane and its fallen, as well as against the recurrent strikes of the Turkish regime.

international solidarity!
Jin Jiyan Azadî
Bijî berxwedana Kobanê

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