Newsletter #00

In the beginning of 2017 we established the bases of Internationalist Commune of Rojava, working and organizing a new generation of internationalism to challenge capitalist modernity. Since then, different people from several places had been working on this project, sharing perspective, ideas, and practical work, making the internationalist commune grow in a physical and in a ideological way. In this months, we learned better which is our place in Rojava, how we can support to expand this revolution, and how we can organize ourselves for fulfill our duties as internationationalists in this revolution.

Our aim is to change the world, and we can not do it alone. The patriarchal powers of the capitalist system are threating the democratic societies that fight for a better life. For overcome this oppressive system, we need to learn how to struggle together, creating a world where many worlds can fit. We see how Rojava and the Northern Syria Federation is succeeding on the implementation of democratic confederalism, and we are gathering experiences for spread this social revolution around the world.

On 1st of November, after months of debates and ongoing work, we had been able to formalize the organic structure of the Internationalist Commune of Rojava. Different committees and a coordination team has been established for be more effective in the development of our work, trying to solve the problems we faced until now. We also started with the building process of the Internationalist Academy of Rojava, and we are starting with the necessary researches for establish a cooperative of trees, for contribute in the ecological society and the communal effort to reforest Rojava.

This revolution can be the spark that fires a new civilization, a new way of understanding life and human societies. We call to the democratic forces that want to contribute to this process to learn, support and organize the revolution. We are staring this process here, but we see how, all around the world, projects with the same aims are also in progress.

2nd November 2017

Internationalist Commune of Rojava

From now on we will share a monthly newsletter, reporting about the situation of the internationalist commune. We ask for help to spread this information and to translate it to different languages. We also need help with english corrections and translations of our website. We can not take care of the 5 languages from what we started if more speakers of that languages don’t help us. The lack of kurdish and other middle east languages also make us took the decision of change it, and in the next days we will adapt our on-line site to possibilities we have. We also create a new facebook page after the other one was banned, we will try to take care that this don’t happen again.

Media committee of the Intrenationalist Commune of Rojava

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