November 1st: International call for #WorldKobaneDay

Kobanê has become a symbol of resistance for the world. The liberation of Kobanê was the prelude to the end of the self-proclaimed Islamic state, which has not stopped losing ground ever since. Yesterday 17 of october, 3 years after the resistance that changed the course of the war in Syria and in the middle east, the liberation of Raqqa was declared. The self-defense forces of the Syrian Northern Federation have succeeded in overcoming the theocratic fascism that threatened it.

The city that once was the capital of the self-proclaimed caliphate, has been liberated from daesh with the “eufrates warth” operation, launced by the military coalition of the QSD – Syrian Democratic Forces, with the leadership of the YPG/YPJ – People’s Defense Units/Women’s Defense Units. The liberation of Raqqa, along with the fall of Mosul in July 2017, means the end of the nightmare that daesh unleashed in Syria and Iraq. The terror extended by the fundamentalist fascism comes to an end, thanks to the effort and sacrifice of tens thousands of women and men who, after the liberation of Kobanê, have pushed back the enemy that put this kurdish city on the verge of annihilation.

The war against daesh means the war to defend life from oppression and barbarism, means the struggle for the liberation of women against the most extreme brutality of patriarchal domination, means to challenge totalitarianism and the mentality of single thought, means to face the colonialism and imperialist practices that the West has implemented with the nation-states, imposed to maintain a chronic destabilization, a permanent fragmentation that allows the big capitalist powers to control the territory and easily appropriated the resources of the region. The war against daesh is the struggle for a democratic civilization.

Those who have lost their lives in this war, as well as the thousands of wounded caused by the bloody fighting, remind us of the enormous sacrifice of fighting for the values of humanity. That’s why we remember and honor every comrade who dies in this war, because when you put your body at the disposal of the fight against oppression and barbarism, you may fall in combat, but the values and ideas that you have fought for defend are collected by the friends who continue this struggle, and that is why we proclaim that the martyrs of the people live forever.

A great number of internationalist from all the continents joined the battle for Raqqa. People fighting in the international teams of the YPG, as well as the IFB (International Liberation Battalion), have been present in the Raqqa battle from the beginning. Internationalists that came from all over the world to defend the democratic values of Rojava and the Federation of Northern Syria in the war against daesh, are the living image of the internationalist dimension of this revolution.

For all this, from the International Commune of Rojava, we call for international solidarity with the city of Kobane on 1st November 2017, inviting to collaborate with the third call of the day global action of #WorldKobaneDay. The resistance of Kobanê is the symbol of the struggle for life, and for this we must remember that thanks to its heroic victory, today Rojava is a nest of hope for the societies of the whole world.

Biji Berxwedana Kobanê! Biji Berxwedana Rojava! Biji berxwedana Kurdistán!

If you organize demonstrations and events in solidarity with this call, please send the statements, posters and draws of the call, as well as pictures of the different events that take place on 1st november at internationalistcommune(at)

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