Presentation on the actual situation of the war in Kurdistan

For our worldwide call for actiondays on the 18th and 19th of July we prepared a video presentation about the actual situation in Kurdistan and explain how this is connected to Rojava. Also we speak about the history of Rojava and whole Kurdistan. In the end we go more into detail of the Revolution in Rojava and explain the concept of Democratic Confederalism and the implementation of it in Rojava.

We, as the Internationalist Commune together with Women Defend Rojava and RiseUp4Rojava, are, calling for global action days on the 18 th and 19 th July against colonialism, fascism, patriarchy and femicides, ecological destruction, and all forms of oppression. We will demonstrate, occupy, blockade, protest in creative forms all around the world, and show our common antifascist struggle in one front, letting the ones who prevent us from living in dignity and freedom know what we think of them.

Therefore, we are calling upon everyone to join these actions days and to share them with us!

The revolution in the Middle East, and all around the world will win – fascism will be crushed.
Long live international solidarity!

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