Resistance Diaries #1 Miran Cudi – Introduction into the Revolution

The revolution in Rojava, which started in 2011, based on the pillars of woman’s liberation, ecology and radical democracy. Since 2017, Internationalists of the Internationalist Commune of Rojava are working in the civil structures in Rojava, Northern Syria to learn from this revolution and support the upbuilding of democratic and ecological society, on the base of the liberation of woman’s.

One of their Project is the ecological Campaign Make Rojava Green Again. But now, with the concrete threat of the fascist Erdogan Regime, the ecological works got interrupted and activists of Make Rojava Green Again left, in order to report from the preparation of the people in Rojava and Northern Syria for the resistance against the aggression of the Turkish army and their affiliated jihadist gangs.

Resistance Diaries #1 Miran Cudi – Introduction from Internationalist Commune on Vimeo.

In the coming time, this activists will catch the voices of the people, and reporting from a society which has the will and ability to resist against the occupation plans of Erdogan.

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