Solidarity Keeps Us Alive! Campaign for the release of all political prisoners

The Internationalist Commune send our support to Solidarity Keeps Us Alive, a campaign to release all political prisoners whose lives and health are at serious risk due to Coronavirus pandemic. The campaign’s aims are-

+ To establish meaningful contact between prisoners, especially women, relatives and supporters and to make the situation and voices of the prisoners heard in society.
+ To set up initiatives in all countries to support prisoners and launch petition campaigns against the prison policies of governments.
+ To demand the United Nations, Committee for the Prevention of Torture (CPT), Amnesty International (AI) and similar organizations exert political and diplomatic pressure on the states in question, demanding the immediate release of all political prisoners.

Governments around the world use imprisonment to isolate us from one another, to break our revolutionary spirit, and to liquidate our movements. It is one of the strongest tools they have in their fight against a better world. Only by standing in solidarity with one another can we break that isolation. We must never forget our imprisoned comrades, and we must never stop our struggle to support and free them.

The campaign can be supported by additional signatures. Signatures, reports, pictures and information of actions can be sent to [email protected]. These will be published on of the campaign, with background information and letters from prisoners.

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