Solidarity with the People of Palestine

For over 70 years, the State of Israel has been waging, at the behest and with the support of imperialist powers such as the United States, a genocidal colonialist campaign of aggression against the peoples of Palestine. The violent attacks targeting Palestinians in Gaza over the past days are a continuation of this blood-soaked campaign. Hundreds have been killed, probably thousands have been wounded. On May 15th, while the fascist troops of the occupying military force raided apartment complexes and camps along the Gaza strip, their fighter jets launched 7 missiles that toppled Al-Galaa Tower and its media offices of local and international press. We understand this action as a clear attempt to prevent news of their massacres in the city from reaching the peoples of the world.

The unshakable reality is that the Palestinian people face the very serious threat of total annihilation of their society by Zionist colonialism. As internationalist revolutionaries, we stand side by side with the people in Gaza in their resistance against aggressions and it is the undeniable right of the Palestinian people to defend themselves in any way they can. The peoples of Gaza during this time are thus struggling for the basic recognition of their humanity, and the peoples of the world must unite behind them under common cause.

The struggle for freedom is a legitimate right of every oppressed peoples. And the strongest weapon we hold in our hands internationally is the solidarity for each other, is to feel each other’s pain, will, and hope. From Rojava, which is at war with the Turkish fascist state, we declare our solidarity with the peoples of Palestine. We call upon everybody to look behind the curtain and to understand that neither the Turkish state is a true ally of the Palestinian people, nor the State of Israel is an ally of the Kurdish people. Both states are imperialist powers in the region, that share a strong strategic, political, and economic relation, but which they are hiding behind curtains of lies and propaganda. The true allies can only be the people. So let’s stand together internationally, and rise up against oppression and occupation, for freedom and a democratic Middle East.

From Kurdistan to Palestine – Smash Fascism!
From Rojava to Gaza – Smash Colonialism!

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