Action in support of the Guerilla

In support of the guerilla fighting in the free mountains of Kurdistan the young internationalist women made an action some days ago.


Young internationalist woman made an action in the night of 28th of July to 29th of July. We painted a picture on a wall in Derik, to bring attention to the heroic resistance of the guerilla, especially the woman of YJA Star who fight against the attacks of the fashist turkish state in Zap, Metîna and Avaşîn. Even though the war is ongoing since over 60 days the turkish armee was not able to conquer any strategical points. The guerilla once more proves that also in the 21th century it is possible to defeat even the second biggest armee of NATO with an unbreackable will for freedom and socialism. YJA Star is fighting for the freedom of all of us, YJA Star is our guerilla and we will defend it where ever we are!

We call out to all antifascists to make the resistance of the guerila visible at every possible place. Paint pictures on the walls of your villages and cities and sent pictures to us, lets prove the world that the unity of our struggle is unbreackable.

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