Statement for Women’s Day by the Women of the Internationalist Commune

Defend Afrin means Defend Women’s Revolution

From the autonomous women group of the Internationalist Commune of Rojava, we want to send our solidarity, forces and affection to all women and feminists in the world on this important day for the struggle of all women.

The world moves, operates, develops thanks to the work of women. Much of this work is free and is invisible. The other part is poorly paid and poorly appreciated. In many countries women are on strike today. A social women strike means to remove our strength from the structures that keep running patriarchy and the capitalist system. It means to show how valuable the work of women is (be it labor, be it the hidden care work in a family or a relationship) and to show that this world would break down if we would not hold it with our effort, our minds and our bodies. It is necessary to refuse to lose our energy, love and creativity in maintaining the power structures. Instead, we believe that we must put all our will where we see seeds, the potential, the creation and defense of another world. Supporting each other, to be able to continue taking steps toward the liberation of women and of the whole society.

We are different, we have endless identities, each of us is unique. At the same time, all are permeated by the oppression and the violence generated by the statist-patriarchal mentality. All are likewise connected in the fight for freedom and emancipation. 8th March is a date to commemorate the global fight of women. To commemorate the history of all the forgotten struggles and stories of resistance. To remember those who have given their lives or their freedom in defense of a fairer world. It’s a day where we connect the different realities and struggles of women around the world, where we feel the strength of all of us, and we are filled with inspiration to continue with this difficult task.

As internationalist women in Rojava we are witnessing the resilience of women in Afrin against the invasion of the Turkish State on their territory, on their lives. We see their courage, their strength and motivation. We wish to express our solidarity in all possible ways with this resistance, we want to be part of this resistance. We are aware that the invasion of the Turkish army and jihadists groups over the territory is not only a conquest of the Earth. It is the expression of State, capitalist and patriarchal power that once more launches a cruel crackdown on a democratic, feminist and ecological project. It is a frontal attack to the achievements that women have built during these 7 years of revolution, conquered freedom and autonomy.

For this reason we support the campaign “Women Rise Up For Afrin”. We also get up on our feet to follow the footprints of the Isthar goddess and all women who have given their lives for freedom and equality. We will not stop, we will not give up, we will not step back.


Defend Afrin means defend the revolution of women!

We want us free, we want us alive, combative and rebel!


With revolutionary love,

Women of the Internationalist Commune of Rojava


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